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Discover the many advantages of having sliding doors in your home.

Slide into Style and Convenience with Sliding Doors.

Enjoy easy access, increased natural light, and a sleek, modern look. Whether you’re looking to create an indoor-outdoor living space or simply want to upgrade your home’s design, sliding doors are the perfect solution. Experience the ultimate in comfort, style, and convenience with sliding doors from Adelaide’s leading experts.

Never compromise on the style of your home.

At City Doors, we understand that every client is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of security door designs in both hinged and sliding options. Whether you’re looking for a specific style, limited by budget, or just want more choices, we have you covered. Protect your home and loved ones with the flexibility and versatility of hinged and sliding security doors.

Advantages of sliding doors over traditional hinged doors include space savings and improved security. In homes with limited space, hinged doors can be inconvenient as they require a 90-degree arc to open and close, while sliding doors only need wall space. Sliding doors are also a better option for privacy, as traditional glass sliding doors can give burglars a clear view into the home. On the other hand, security sliding doors offered by City Doors in Adelaide are reinforced with a sturdy frame and an impenetrable mesh barrier, making them resistant to cutting, warping, and blunt force. This makes them a good option for homeowners who value both space and security.

Traditional glass sliding doors can pose a security risk by allowing intruders to see inside your home and target valuable items. These doors can also be easily shattered, even if made with reinforced glass. City Doors’ steel security sliding doors provide a solution, offering the benefits of sliding doors while keeping your home private and secure. The doors have a sturdy frame that is resistant to cutting, warping, and blunt force and an impenetrable mesh barrier, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

City Doors provides beautiful sliding doors that add style to your home, without sacrificing security. We understand that many people worry about security doors bringing down the appearance of their homes, which is why they offer a range of styles to choose from. We are available to help you find the perfect door to match the individual appearance and theme of your home. With City Doors, you never have to compromise on style and can have both a secure and stylish home.

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