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Security screens

Enhance your security without sacrificing style with our attractive security screens.

City Doors offers a variety of screening systems, including top-of-the-line 316 Stainless Steel Security Screens, Federation Cast Panels, Diamond Grilles, one-way vision mesh, fibreglass and aluminium insect screens, and all necessary accessories. Our security screens provide the privacy and security benefits of security doors without elaborate design. Unlike security doors with decorative and functional steel designs for added strength, security screens have a simple design featuring a single mesh panel of reinforced, tear- and cut-resistant aluminium within a metal frame. This minimalist look makes them a popular choice for contemporary and modern homes.

Experience an uninterrupted view with advanced security screen technology.

Enhance your security without sacrificing style with our attractive security screens. Perfect for homeowners who want to maintain their aesthetic while adding extra protection.

City Doors has a range of uniquely Australian security screens that cater to the harsh and varying weather conditions of the region. Our security screens are not only attractive and affordable, but also provide reliable protection with their reinforced, tear and cut resistant aluminum mesh panel and corrosion-resistant fixings. Whether you’re looking to secure your doors or windows, City Doors has got you covered with its sleek and modern design that perfectly complements your home’s aesthetic.

Choose the best for your home, choose City Doors security screens.

Our screen doors are popular with both residential and commercial clients and are made to measure your exact requirements. We will visit your home or business to take precise measurements, ensuring a seamless installation process. Whether you need a single screen or protection for multiple buildings, we are here to help.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, our friendly team is always ready to assist with recommendations, styles, designs, and flexible scheduling. Don’t compromise on the security of your home or business. Contact City Doors today for the best Adelaide screen doors on the market.

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