Pet Doors

The safe pet doors alternative in Adelaide

Security doors are fantastic for your home security, but can be a problem for homeowners used to having a pet door. Luckily, pet doors in Adelaide can now be fitted to an existing security door. Our team can visit you on site, or create a custom door during manufacture and prior to installation. Our dog doors in Adelaide come in six versatile colours which mean that there will always be a hue to pair well with your current colour palette.

The DIY pet doors solution in Adelaide

If you consider yourself quite the handy person, then why not simply order one of our dog doors in Adelaide and do the job yourself? We have three sizes to choose from:

Small Petway® Access Door Opening: height 240mm * 190mm width

Medium Petway® Access Door Opening: height 305mm * 225mm width

Large Petway® Access Door Opening: height 400mm * 260mm width

Allow us to offer advice regarding selecting the ideal size door for your pet. All you need are some basic tools and it is simple to follow the instructions and fit the pet door to your existing security door. In fact, you don’t even need to unhinge it. If you need any assistance at any stage we are only a phone call away. Completing a job like this yourself can occasionally have unexpected obstacles, which is why spare parts are always available if needed.  Customers can be reassured that they are purchasing a product entirely designed and manufactured here in Australia, and supporting a local business. These Adelaide dog doors are created using UV stabilized plastic, ensuring that they perform in any season of the Australian climate and last for many years to come. Furthermore, this strong design ensures that your door will remain in great condition even with constant use and everyday wear. Our pet doors utilize the same robust structure and quality materials as our security doors, so you know that they will perform for a lifetime.

The most secure dog doors in Adelaide

Regular dog doors in Adelaide can be a point of weakness in your home security. These flaps can provide intruders the small leverage they require to break in to your home. Specially designed security pet doors in Adelaide offer no such thing, allowing you to maintain a robust home protection system while still allowing your pets the freedom to roam as they please. Our pet doors feature a magnetic closure, ensuring that no other unwelcome critters will use this entry to your home. The pet door can also be latched, perhaps if you are leaving the house for an extended period of time or want to keep your pet outside for a day or two. Please note that security pet doors in Adelaide are suitable for small to medium pets, and any larger doors could compromise your safety. Chat to our team if you have any concerns or queries; we always look forward to being of assistance.

Our Range of Colours


Small – Fitted to Security Screen Door
Opening Size
240mm (9½”) high
190mm (7½”) wide


Medium – Fitted to Security Screen Door
Opening Size
305mm (12″) high
225mm (9″) wide


Large – Fitted to Security Screen Door
Opening Size
400mm (15¾”) high
260mm (10¼”) wide


Small – Fitted to Insect Screen Door
Opening Size
240mm (9½”) high
190mm (7½”) wide


Small – Fitted to Stainless Steel Security Screen Door
Opening Size
240mm (9½”) high
190mm (7½”) wide