Clear systems


Screen windows that are basically invisible

Customers who are equally concerned with the façade of their home as well as security may wish to consider our clear systems products in Adelaide. These items are essentially screen doors and windows which are largely tint-free. They function very similarly to a two-way window, but with the huge advantage of being impenetrable to burglars. Glass is one of the most vulnerable materials in the home, and so it is no wonder that for the majority of break and enter incidents, windows and glass doors are the targeted entry points.

Because of their minimalist design, clear systems are very popular in both modern and traditional homes. They are barely noticeable, allowing the true character of your home to be the hero. Now homeowners don’t need to choose between appearances and safety because they can have both with this one convenient product. Because of the similarity to windows in appearance, there are many more options for how clear security door designs in Adelaide can add style to your home. These screens can be fitted as sliding or folding doors, so that you can enjoy an entire wall of light coming in.

The best of both worlds with the ultimate security door in Adelaide

Our clear systems are highly unique, in that they combine the benefits of steel and aluminium in the one convenient product. Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel is renowned for its superior strength and unbeatable resistance to corrosion.  Meanwhile, aluminium is lightweight, flexible and most people agree that it is more attractive to look at and less invasive. Our stainless steel screens deliver an exceptional level of clarity and unrestricted vision, therefore making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

City Doors has a range of products suitable for both residential and commercial applications. As well as hinged doors, and sliding doors and window screens, these mesh designs can be very effective patio enclosures. Enjoy the breeze of the great outdoors while being free from bugs. Clear security screens are also fantastic at letting in natural light. Tinted or regular mesh can block some sun, and here you may need to rely on artificial light.

A clear security door in Adelaide that is made to last

Our products are custom built, made to measure to suit your exact requirements. INVISI-GARD doors can also be built incorporating our range of Aluminium Cast Panels to give a more traditional look. The team at City Doors is determined to offer clients the very best in security design and performance. In order to ensure we are doing just this, all of our products are subject to long term testing. Our doors have demonstrated some very impressive results in longevity and durability. Our items perform above and beyond current Australian standards for security doors. After many years you will find that your screen is as impenetrable as ever, because of the effectiveness of our anti-corrosion pre-treatment. All of our materials are carefully selected for their superior performance under harsh Australian conditions.