Security Screens


Enjoy an unobstructed view with new security screens technology in Adelaide

City Doors offers a range of screening systems from our top of the range INVISI-GARD Stainless Steel Security Screens, Federation Cast Panels, Diamond Grilles, one way vision mesh, fibre glass and aluminium insect screen and all the associated accessories. Adelaide screen doors offer all of the privacy and protection advantages of security doors without the detailed design. Unlike security doors which feature decorative and functional steel designs to reinforce the structure, security screens are very simple designs. They feature a single mesh panel of reinforced, tear and cut resistant aluminium secured within an outer metal frame. Due to this minimalist aesthetic, they are very popular in sleek, modern style homes.

Enhanced security with protective screen doors in Adelaide

Some may assume that because of the lack of steel grille, security screens are not as strong as more traditional security doors designs. This is completely false. Top quality screen doors are impenetrable to any form of attack, from sharp objects to brute force. The mesh itself will not tear, and the edges are also securely reinforced within the aluminium frame. Without the grille feature, screens are far more lightweight and unobtrusive than the original security door, making them a very popular option for families concerned with both protection and appearances. The nature of security screen mesh is that it is at once almost invisible as well as offering increased privacy from onlookers. To passers-by on the street, a screen door simply appears as a shadow or matter black. For residents looking out however, a view of the garden remains completely visible.

Uniquely Australian security screens in Adelaide

At City Doors, we appreciate that Australia is a very harsh and unique environment, and that our doors must provide adequate protection in these extreme circumstances. We have put in every effort to ensure that our screen doors products in Adelaide are not only safe, attractive and affordable, but are also corrosion resistant. Screen doors are attached to the exterior of your home, and so come into contact with direct sunlight, rain and intense heat. All fixings are covered with an adaptor ensuring a smooth and clean finished product. City Doors also manufactures screens for windows too.

Our products are popular with residential and commercial clients alike. Every door and window is made to measure to your exact requirements. We will first visit your site in order to take our exact measurements and ensure nothing is lost in translation. Whether you require a single screen or to completely protect several buildings, we welcome every client and are glad to be of assistance. Come and discover the best Adelaide screen doors on the market.

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for advice or more personalised security screens information in Adelaide. As a part of our commitment to providing the ultimate in customer service, we will gladly assist with anything from recommending styles and designs to flexibly working around your busy schedule. Call now and begin enjoying your brand new security screens in Adelaide in no time at all.