Sliding Doors

Discover the many sliding doors advantages in Adelaide

City Doors knows that every client is unique in their needs. Some houses may demand a certain style or design, while others will be limited by tighter budgets. It is our goal to offer the greatest range possible to ensure that we can assist each client in securing and protecting their home and loved ones. For this reason, we offer many of our security doors designs in Adelaide as both hinged and sliding options. This gives the customer as much choice as possible.

Sliding doors styles in Adelaide

In certain situations, sliding doors can have some significant benefits when compared to traditional arc-swing, hinged doors. Perhaps the biggest advantage is for homeowners who are concerned about space. Regular hinged doors require at least a ninety degree arc in order to comfortably open and close. Homes which have restricted space may benefit from a sliding door instead, which only requires adequate wall space to fully open and close. Front doors should always open outwards rather than inwards in order to minimize the risk of forced entry attempts being successful. This means that you should be looking at the exterior area around your doorway when considering whether you should install a hinged or sliding door in Adelaide.

Privacy and restricting vision is another big problem with traditional glass sliding doors. Burglars look for small, expensive items that they can quickly trade for cash. If you have huge windows lining your living area, then it is going to be too easy for someone to peek inside and see if there is anything worth taking. Without this visual motivation, your intruder is likely to move on to an easier target. Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors present an open invitation to burglars. Though they may be crafted with reinforced glass, they can still quite simply be shattered by someone with the motivation to get into your home. By stark contrast, the steel security sliding doors in Adelaide designed by the City Doors team are reinforced with a sturdy frame which is resistant to cutting, warping and blunt force. The mesh barrier is likewise impenetrable to knives and other common forced entry tools. City Doors’ security doors offer customers the various advantages of sliding doors, without sacrificing the privacy and safety of their property.

Never compromise on the style of your home

City Doors offers the most striking sliding doors range in Adelaide. Unfortunately, some security doors have a reputation as bringing down the appearance of the home. This is often when the style of the door is chosen at random without careful consideration for the individual appearance and theme of the rest of the building and surrounding property. Have a chat to our informative and helpful sliding doors specialists in Adelaide to find the perfect style for your home.

Unfortunately, break ins are a high possibility for less protected homes, and they can have devastating consequences. Ensure your family doesn’t fall prey and become another statistic. Please do not hesitate to call City Doors on 0413 615 032 to speak with a trained sliding doors professional in Adelaide.