Security Doors

Heavy-duty security doors for Adelaide homes

City Doors is the expert in designing and manufacturing top quality, robust security doors in Adelaide. Customers can be rest assured that each of our designs undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring that it passes our high standards for resisting force. In the event of an attempted home invasion or break and enter situation, you can feel confident that our strong Adelaide security doors will protect your family and your property.

Our security doors secret in Adelaide

Our doors have the 5 pin cylinder, standard Whitco Lockwood key system that can be keyed to existing Lockwood keyable locks. This makes for a stronger locking system and therefore greater security for your premises, business or domestic. City doors use the Austral automatic door closer for our doors. It’s not the cheapest but it is the best and where 80% of door manufacturers use a 70mm wide frame, City Doors uses 80mm. This means the door looks more solid and stronger and the grille sets in deeper to the frame making forced entry much more difficult. We also have our own 80mm frame extruded exclusively for us. It looks better, has no frame recesses, and it is flatter.

City doors manufacture from only mill finish product. This is the raw product from which we then manufacture our doors. Other manufacturers use pre powder coated metal which, when made into doors, shows all the cuts, scratches and rivets of manufacture. City doors powder coat the finished product so rivets become the same colour and all edges are sanded and rounded before powder coating. You have the choice of more than 100 colours at no extra charge and no chance of ending up with a scored or marked safety door. There is no downside to relying on the superior Adelaide security doors method and craftsmanship of the team at City Doors.

As basic or as advanced Adelaide security doors as you like

Here at City Doors, all of our doors come with single lock and fly wire as standard. However, you may wish to upgrade your door with a few of our options such as our triple lock accessory kits. This is a single key operation, locking your door at top, middle and bottom, making the difference between just a barrier door and a full security door. With a full security door you can leave the main door open for fresh air without the risk of leaving yourself vulnerable to unwanted intrusions. The restricted vision mesh is a privacy measure, you can see out but it’s difficult to see in, and is available in a number of colours. Choosing a different mesh colour will give you a contrast that makes the pattern of your door stand out, and leaves room for aesthetic preference.

We offer complete flexibility when it comes to colour, design, appearance and budget. Browse through our extensive catalogue and find your ideal Adelaide security doors match today. Visit us in store or call 0413 615 032 for more information.